I am your American Muslim neighbor. Welcome to my blog!

Visit me here any time you like, to learn more about Islam and the most diverse religious group in the USA- the Muslims!

I’m just your average American, here to promote peace and understanding in a time rife with fear and mistrust.

Get to know the truth about what is possibly the most misunderstood way of life today.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Peace be Upon you, I am stupefied by the violence against the family in Chapel Hill, NC. A very good friend is a student there and let me know as soon as she could. I don’t believe you are near there, I hope not, but, as is tradition in my culture, let me extend the apologies for the idiots who somehow seem to think that if “it was about a parking space” that makes it ok to use deadly force. I grieve with that family and the family of Islam in their loss.

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    1. Thank you Arianna. May peace be with you as well. 🙂
      I am in NY, but as we can see, acts of terror against the Muslim population is on the rise. I appreciate that you see this for what it really is, and that you were so kind to extend your support. While you in no way should feel the need to apologize for the act of any idiot, your reaching out to me is very touching and I value your thoughts.
      Help us spread the word by sharing the articles and videos about those killed and their families. They are great representations of American Muslims and we are thankful and proud to have them in the spotlight, showing anyone with a brain what it really means to be Muslim.

      May God’s peace, blessings and mercy be with you always.

      Sincerely, Danielle

      BTW if you are on FB, please connect with me here: https://www.facebook.com/youramericanmuslimneighbor

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