I’ve been Muslim since 2002. Having been born in a homogeneous community in the suburbs, I understand some of the ideas Americans and others have about Islam. As I have learned more and more over the years, I have been struck by how familiar Islam really is.
True Islam according to the Quran and the example of the Prophet Muhammad, defies preconceived notions many have about religion in general as well as common stereotypes about Islam.
I decided to share my observations and to challenge the common perception that Islam is strange. I hope that by sharing Islam’s familiarity, collectively we can reduce the incidents of violence and hatred that are occurring with frightening frequency toward innocent people, merely because they are Muslim.
I also hope to share with those born to Muslim families from overseas, the diversity of the Muslims here in America where Caucasians like me make up over 28% of the Muslim community.

Reference: http://www.gallup.com/poll/116260/Muslim-Americans-exemplify-diversity-potential.aspx



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  1. Hello there! I really like your Eleven Past Nine: 9/11 and Islam post and I will get around to reading your other posts in my free time. I am from Singapore and I am born a Muslim. I do not understand or know many things about Islam but I am still learning everyday. 28%! What a big percentage! Over here in the SEA region, almost all Muslims are Malays (malaysia/singapore/indonesia). There are some Chinese and mixed races as well. Hope that we could talk more soon! 🙂

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    1. Peace! Thank you for reading and your comment! I’d love to know more about your experience! I have a relative from Malaysia. I’ve heard being Muslim is associated with being Malay and that they don’t really share Islam with other ethnicities or cultures too much. In every area we have our issues and trials to overcome. I pray Allah guides us, increases us in beneficial knowledge and actions and forgives is for our shortcomings. Ameen! Definitely do keep in touch. You can subscribe by email for the best contact and updates.


      1. Insya’allah! I might blog about my own personal experiences but it will take time. My way with words is harsh and I need to go through many editings before a final post is put up. Haha!


        1. Assalamo alaykum ww, i am your brother mamon ibrahim born in muslim family,from Bangsamoro, part Of Philippines, i really like this page, since i discovered this page in always visit and read the article, i was reflect the experience share bin the page, thank you very much


    1. Hello! 🙂
      that number is according to a Gallup poll. Just imagine, about 20,000 Americans enter Islam each year in the US, so that number is steadily increasing. I was actually surprised too at first, but when I think about the people converting, it makes complete sense.

      Thanks for visiting!



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