A Little About The Author

Danielle LoDuca is a third generation artist and author. Drawing inspiration from personal life experiences, her writings highlight the familiarity of Islam in a climate that increasingly portrays the Islamic faith as strange. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and has pursued postgraduate studies in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Foundation for Knowledge and Development. LoDuca’s work has been featured in media publications in the US and abroad and she is currently working on a book that offers a thought-provoking American Muslim perspective, in contrast to the negative narratives regarding Islam and Muslims prevalent in the media today.


https://youramericanmuslimneighbor.com/ https://www.facebook.com/danielle.loduca




9 thoughts on “A Little About The Author”

  1. Your story and my daughter’s parallel each other. I love reading your blog, which she sends to me pretty often. You are both sweet and special young women.

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  2. Walaykum Assalam Wa rahamtullahi wa barakatuh. Ameen. Ummm…. Yes I do, quite by accident actually. Not so familiar with YouTube and I guess at some point I was signed in with a different account. lol …Anyway, I’m not doing videos at the moment, but I am active on FB and sometimes, Twitter. Thanks for visiting. Ma Salam.


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