Moving Forward: Walk With Us

The last year has been a whirlwind of changes. We moved from New York – where me, my husband Shakiel and all our children were born – down to sunny Florida. It hasn’t been easy to leave behind our dsc_0512extended family; my parents, sisters and their husbands  –  all my precious nieces and nephews – 9 so far. My husband’s siblings and their 7 sweeties are all so far away now. We left behind a home where so many memories were made, amazing neighbors whom we will never forget, and long-time friends.

This September, the youngest of our five children went off to school, and with more time in the day for writing, Shakiel and I have teamed up and embarked on several exciting projects. We’ve found that collaborating has helped us hone our intention and direction, and that we are, naturally, stronger together.

With a clear path in sight, we’ve named ourselves “Compassionate Coexistence Ambassadors” because we intend for our work to make the American Muslim experience accessible, tangible and transparent. We believe that the more people get to know one another, the more empathy becomes possible. Empathy in turn, lays the way for Compassion.

We believe Compassionate coexistence is possible, and that during these trying times, where division and anger are on the rise, those of us who have chosen to resist hatred and conflict must work towards understanding one another.


Learning about those who are “different” often leads us to finding common ground – from which we can respect and even appreciate one another’s different-ness.

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