Allahu Akbar. Even in the Grocery Store.

My children are in the habit of saying “Allahu Akbar”.

Yeah, you’ve heard that before right?

“Allahu Akbar!”

Now, imagine being a Muslim woman walking through the busy aisles of a big box store, while your children repeatedly exclaim  “Allahu Akbar!!!”
It makes me mad.

I’m mad that I feel embarrassed and nervous when they gleefully bust out “Allahu Akbar!” In public.

I am upset, because I am aware that this beautiful statement has come to be reminiscent of the brutish, heartless murderers killing with impunity, who stole it.

Who yell these prescious words while committing crimes against the creation and law of the One they are supposed to be venerating with those very words.

Allahu Akbar.

It means “God is the Greatest”.

It means He is Supreme. His power, praiseworthiness are beyond compare.

He is the epitome of Greatness.
We say it throughout our prayers, reminding ourselves that nothing supersedes Him, there is nothing more important, more deserving of our gratitude and praise, and that He is the one to whom everything will ultimately return. The One who we will stand before one day, humbled and powerless.

It helps remove arrogance.

It is a reminder of the fact that we haven’t accomplished anything without His will. Our bodies and sustenance were all His before they were ever ours.

It helps remove despair.

It is a reminder that no matter how difficult a difficulty in life might seem, it is minute in comparison to His Mercy and the comfort of knowing Him. A reminder that obstacles are easy for Him to remove, for He has complete power over all things.

When my children say this, It makes me happy and hopeful.

Happy that the recognition of their Maker has begun to take seat in their little hearts. Hopeful that this thikr – this remembrance will persist throughout their lives. That they will absorb and embody the meaning of this simple, yet powerful statement.

That it will help to guide them to the high road of life’s journey.

I dream of a day where these words will cease to be misused. Where they will no longer arouse suspicion and discomfort in the people around us.


11 thoughts on “Allahu Akbar. Even in the Grocery Store.”

  1. Danielle it’s a beautiful thing to see the fruits of your labor in teaching them their religion. You should be so proud of them and yourself. I can see how you would feel uneasy when they blurt it out in a store. Some people can be cruel and ignorant not knowing what it means. I hope they encounter kind people when your kids have the urge to say it loud. The most important thing is that they Love God 😃

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    1. Salamun alaykum thank you for reading and for your feedback! I am not interested in transliteration, only making my work accessible to non-Muslims who would have no clue how to pronounce “dh”. And z is used by people who mispronounce Arabic so I’d not choose that either. But thanks. 🙂 Alhumdulillah “th” in english is often pronounced the way thaal is in arabic such as in the word “the” so that is sufficient. Jazakum Allahu khairan.


  2. This is beautiful. Masha’allah. Your children, may they be the coolness of your eyes. May they grow to be pious Muslims. May Allah reward you. ❤


  3. I salute your bravery, Sister. You fearlessly allow your children to say these words even when they arouse suspicion and discomfort in the people around. That shows the strength of your own faith as well as the love for Allah s.w.t that you have instilled in the little hearts. Ma’ Sha Allah. An example to be followed by all the Muslims living under similar circumstances.

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